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The Crimson Rogue

Epic Encounters - Warband Box - Island Of The Crab Archon

Epic Encounters - Warband Box - Island Of The Crab Archon

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Confront cruel crustacean foes with this Epic Encounters warband box!

Crab folk. The Karkinos. Any sailor worth his salt has learned to fear these cut-throat crustaceans. Still, some dismiss them as simple pirates. The briny depths are littered with the corpses of those who learned the truth. The Karkinos strike with the speed of the tides, slipping forth from the water for brutal slaughter, leaving behind a mound of severed heads and a rumour. A rumour of death from the deeps.

Sailors love to swap tales of the high seas by candlelight, telling of narrow escapes from pirates and vicious storms. When all other stories have been told, and the candles have burned low, they speak of the Karkinos in hushed tones. They’re not mere pirates; no white flag can save you from these vicious creatures, humanoid in shape, but with wicked claws and thick, spiny shells. Can you fight these abominations and live to tell the tale?

Inside this warband box is everything you need to challenge the Karkinos, including 21 highly detailed minis and an adventure book woven with information to set your imagination adrift on the tides.

• Everything you need to create epic roleplaying encounters with the Karkinos.
• Play as a standalone adventure, of as part of a full campaign.
• Compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

• 1 x Briny Adventure Book
• 1 x Double-sided Game
• 1 x Tips and Tricks
• 1 x Monster Stats
• 21 x Miniatures
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