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The Crimson Rogue

Dragon Shield - Roleplay Game Master Companion - Iron Grey

Dragon Shield - Roleplay Game Master Companion - Iron Grey

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Stash and transport hordes of monsters while you conceal devious plans behind your GM screen! The Dragon Shield Game Master Companion is a two-in-one game master screen and storage/transport solution for game masters of tabletop RPGs. Bring everything you need for game night in one convenient box, including a practical GM screen which streamlines the flow of play.

• Features an integrated initiative tracker, pockets for notes and bands for phones & pens.
• Includes 6 foam trays with room for a total of over 40 miniatures of various sizes.
• Strong, magnetic closure ensures safe transport and storage of contents.

• 1 Carry Strap With Handle
• 1 x Dry Erase Marker
• 18 x Reusable Cards
• 1 x Mini Adventure
• 6 x Foam Trays
• 1 x Box
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